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a little homage to the Land of Enchantment

Hola and Bienvenidos!

These photos are from the online Face Book “The New Mexico Fan Page“…check it out, you might actually “like it”

Below are: The Chaco Canyon,  the Sandia Tram 1966,

and Chimayo.

Space view of White Sands –largest gypsum field, and north of there the lava fields.

Two nice images of the vast New Mexico landscape


La Luna                

and, of course, the Famed Green Chile Cheeseburger!

What’s not to love about New Mexico?

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  1. bevprescott says:

    I’m sold. New Mexico is now on my list of must places to visit. I think I might dream about that green chili cheeseburder. Thanks for sharing, Jeanne. All the best to you, Bev

  2. revalb says:

    Okay! Just trying to remind me of why we want to move to New Mexico, Jeanne? Tease! 🙂


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