Barrett spent her formative years in the quiet North Chicago mem daysuburbs. Art and music helped fuel an overactive imagination that eventually channeled into a flair for the dramatic and a dream of acting. Life and times deferred that dream but offered a new challenge.

At her ten-year class reunion, Barrett announced plans to start nursing school. Nursing provided a career of endless challenges and learning opportunities spanning thirty years, several jobs, and great travels. After relocating from Illinois to Wisconsin to New Mexico, Barrett set down new roots and fell helplessly into a new passion—writing.

With some encouragement and provocation, she spent fourteen years making up stories—roughly, twelve completed manuscripts. Then it was time to take the leap of faith and consider publication. That was when the real “learning” began. Readers, betas, critiques, mentors, edits, revisions, revisions, revisions, and then some pitches, some rejections, and some more revisions. And now, Barrett’s got books, published books.

Barret with Salem West and Ann McMan
Barret with Salem West and Ann McMan

Barrett’s first book, Damaged in Service, was a finalist for a Golden Crown Literary Society Award. It is the first of a four-book series. Once Barrett got a taste of writing, she couldn’t stop. She is a prolific author, completing six novels in just a few short years including Damaged in Service, Defying Gravity, Dispatched with Cause, Deliver Us From Evil, Balefire, and Flights of Fancy. She also published the holiday-themed short story, Windy City Mistletoe, and with Salem West and Ann McMan co-authored the book, June Magee, R.N., Festival Nurse.

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