Inevitable re-entry

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Golden Crown Literary Society 9th Annual Convention, Dallas, Texas 2013 YES. It really has taken a week to recover my empty tank and I still needed a nap. 230+ women celebrating books AND chocolate chip cookies!! What’s not to love? … Continued

Guest Review: Is Your Brand Interfering with Your Writing?

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Jeffe Kennedy (Lovely LERA lady in large hat) is one of my LERA sisters, an excellent writer, and a pretty savvy  business woman. She’s also a way better blogger! Her recent post gut-punched me, necessitating a re-read. The denouement revealed part of … Continued

Contest for give-aways!

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I’m still a little flush with the excitement of finishing the first draft of “Balefire” and sending back the signed contract for it. This story derived as they often do from the ‘shotgun’. I entered Nanowrimo last year for the eighth … Continued

Promotion Commences, part 2

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Okay, the new promo piece is large, but still quite beauteous.  My thanks to the artistry of the Tree house Studio for a sensational new promo card.  And now… Why, you ask,  the big promo? Because, your creative-type friends have … Continued

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