A New year

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  It might appear that I am an uber slacker on my own site, and technically it’s true. In my own defense…I’ve been setting up sites for a couple of other writers and whipping out a 88K word novel in … Continued

Photos Galore!

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Thanks to the excellent photography of the gracious Sarah Baker (friend and author), I’m able to provide some up close and personal moments the the 2010 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. I attended many years ago and I can assure you, it’s … Continued

Autumn in Albuquerque

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Good news, the delightful Ms Amy embarrassed me into posting something. Now,  that I have a *reader* I’m compelled provide grist, and to quit being such a slacker.  To begin, autumn the high desert is not exactly what most folks, … Continued

Romance Writing

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Yesterday I attended our monthly Land of Enchantment Romance Authors meeting and I was once again provided new and helpful information about the kurazy world of writing and publishing. Our speaker was the past president, Sarah Baker and she gave … Continued


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Look for things that you appreciate where you are. It will put you in a place of perfect allowing, even when you are not yet manifesting all that you want. “There are many people right now experiencing the dream that … Continued

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