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Holidays a Joyful, even after…

Wrapping paper everywhere, no more packing tape, dishwasher’s full.

Stuffing from new dog toys scattered like fresh snow.      Stop.

No more Christmas music.

Just silence. Sigh.

Deep breath.

Carefully open the box with your new e Reader…pretty.

Turn it on, whoa, look at that display.

hmm, the 4G connection is fast.

What was the site I wanted to check out? Oh yeah,



sm DIS









Boy that hot chocolate tastes good, especially with the marshmallows. Let’s see which should I start first?

Happy Holidays and Best wishes for a Brilliant and Beautiful 2013!

PS Thank you all for your generous support this past year. There’ll be more books to add in the coming year, promise.     ~Barrett


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  1. Bren Nelson says:

    Love you, Barrett. Keep ’em coming!!

  2. crowsheart says:

    oh, want to hear about that new ereader

  3. Windy City Mistletoe? !? When did you sneak that one in?

  4. Baxter says:

    Windy City Mistletoe?! When did you write that? I missed it!

  5. Happy 2013 – happy reading and writing-

  6. Windy City Mistletoe?!? How did I miss that?? When was it written?

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