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I know!! more excitement

First, my favorite Bloggerites of the entire stratosphere, I am going to have another Brrrrilliant Guest author on Monday, February 27th. Even I can hardly believe how lucky we are.  More news as I get it.

And if that’s not enough, I am giggly-happy to have been invited to the                            Lone Star LesFic Festival in Austin, Texas. March 31st.

A celebration of lesbian fiction – meet the the wonderful storytellers in person. Author book signings, panel discussions, Q&A sessions, raffle and much more! Free to the public.

so far, authors include:

Brenda Adcock
RE Bradshaw
Melissa Brayden
Nat Burns
Julie Cannon
Carrie Carr
CJ Harte
D. Jackson Leigh
Erin O’Reilly
VK Powell
Stacia Seaman
Kelly Sinclair
Therese (Reese) Szymanski
Carsen Taite
Shelley Thrasher
Ali Vali

Y’all come on Down!


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  1. Okay. Now I’m pretty certain you don’t sleep:)

  2. Barrett says:

    Oh Baxter, tee here, I’m actually a very good sleeper–Olympic quality! Thanks for stopping by.

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