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I never promised you a Rose garden…

…but I did promise a special teaser.

Tha last two weeks have been a bit hectic because of leaving town, tending dogs, and taking a huge stash of self-promotional geegaw. This is new territory for me and a tad overwhelming.

Anyhoo, I haven’t had time to put together an adequate ‘teaser’ from the book. Since I did  provide a fair to midline selection to read at the convention…I thought I’d record it and give it to *you*  Warning: it sounded fine when I played it back before uploading it. Now it seems the sound doesn’t sync with the picture very well. (Anyone know how to fix this?)

So enjoy my first ever attempt. It might help if you listen and don’t watch or vice versa. I would sincerely appreciate suggestions or feed back.Really, I would.

So, without further ado… I give you


if it doesn’t work, go to YouTube and look for “Damaged in Service” ch 3


Till next time…


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