You so want to come to New Mexico?

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Chimayo NEWS AND NOTES: Labor and delivery complete! It was long. It was arduous. It was painful. But my infant “Balefire” is now recovering in the new release nursery until she’s strong enough to be released. Whew, this one was … Continued

Guest Review: Is Your Brand Interfering with Your Writing?

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Jeffe Kennedy (Lovely LERA lady in large hat) is one of my LERA sisters, an excellent writer, and a pretty savvy  business woman. She’s also a way better blogger! Her recent post gut-punched me, necessitating a re-read. The denouement revealed part of … Continued

“The Next Best Thing” –Blog Hop 2012

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As part of ‘The Next Big Thing Blog Hop’, I was tagged by Jae  in her post last week.  The purpose of this hop is to expose you to writers and their work that perhaps you haven’t heard of, whether … Continued

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