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Welcome to Affinity E-Book Press NZ LTD

In my nervous excitement about being an ‘up and coming author’ (didya hear that? Author) I forgot to post the original announcement. (I’ve yet to meet the Kiwi, but understand it’s a She.)

Haere mai!

Welcome to Affinity E-Book Press NZ LTD

May 2011 Newsletter


Kia Ora readers.

Wow, another month has drifted by and it’s now a definitely chilly autumn here in Kiwi land. I was chatting to JM Dragon and she was telling me that some of her hens had decided to hatch eggs late season and still has half a dozen chicks scattered around her garden. All I can say is, I hope they get their feathers fast since it’s supposed to be rather cold here this year. Do know that JM has accumulated over forty chickens? If you didn’t, you do now. She calls it her peaceful hobby. How can forty squawking chickens be called peaceful? Still who am I to comment…she did employ me. Squawk, squawk

If you have any questions for our authors send me mail and I’ll ask away on your behalf. comments@affinityebooks.com

Right, enough of the banter, let’s see what is on offer this mad month of May.

Check out our website – www.affinityebooks.com

News Roundup

We are proud and excited to announce that the author Barrett along with her brand new novel, Damaged in Service, has joined Affinity. The novel will be available in the summer of 2011. Next month, we will provide the synopsis and more information about this up and coming new author’s book.

Don’t forget to check out our bargain basement, there is always a little gem tucked away for reader’s enjoyment.

As always, safe journeys my friends and take care until next month.

E noho rā – Goodbye

Check out the web site for the rest of this month’s news and some terrific book deal on new releases.


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