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A buffet…

We had a very unusual freezing foggy morning with some delicious photos –for your viewing pleasure. (double click each for the full effect)

So often I put up a blog and days later remember some pithy little item I’ve forgotten. So…today, a mish-mash of thoughts.

Last week I sent a shout out to those many folks who check in from sites around the world. What I forgot to mention was that “Damaged in Service” is available through Amazon sites in the UK, Germany, Italy,  and France. And of course through my publisher Affinity eBooks. Big thanks to all who have bought my scrappy little novel, sales have jumped the past two months…tell your friends!

The edits for “Defying Gravity” are a bit ahead of schedule and the cover is nearly done. March 2012 !!

The next Guest Blogger [clue: she has a major-huge-awesome new release]  is working on some questions and I have two… maybe three more in the pipeline. ( Remember, that means book giveaways…)

Tomorrow, January 18th, (this is a correction) I will be adding a piece to the Babbling About Books Lesbian Appreciation Event. There have been some very interesting posts about the state of affairs in lesFic…no pun intended.

Next up for me will be a road trip to the “Lonestar LesFic Festival” 

The date for the Festival is Saturday, March 31, 2012.  The event will be at Nature’s Treasures, a local women owned business in Austin, TX.  You can view the actual venue, “the Crystal Auditorium”, by going to the community tab on their website: Nature’s Treasure

After that a trip to the 8th Annual “Golden Crown Literary Society” in Minneapolis, MN. June 13-17. Readers, writers, publishers and FUN!

On the home front:
The snowy white wonderland of December has devolved into moderate temps and the treacherous high desert…MUD, leaving the dogs and I damp and untidy.
Does that mean Spring? …not so much. Today started with rain and now its baby hail…with thunder. ?
Good day to be in my nice warm house.
That’s it for the mock-newsletter, enjoy! Stay warm and keep you *power* dry.


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  1. bevprescott says:

    Nice buffet, Ms. Barrett. See you at the GCLS.

  2. Barrett says:

    Thanks, Ms Bev! Enjoyed your responses this weekend. (that could evoke an interesting audience…) Have a good week!

  3. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us with your blog post for Lesbian Appreciation Week. 🙂


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