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Standalone Books

barrett balefire standalone novelBalefire

Silke Dyson is a sculptor who is dealing with impaired vision as a result of a physical assault. Kirin Foster is a pragmatic travel magazine writer with wonderful opportunities to see the world. Their lives collide at thirty-thousand feet during a tropical storm and they strike up a friendship under the Belize sun. Much to their delight, they discover they both live in Milwaukee and, back home, they develop an easy rapport amidst common interests and friends. Sometimes a random spark of kindness or caring can spark a small flame. With patience and opportunity, this small flame can grow into a balefire, a beacon of hope to guide a pair of souls to their true home




barrett June Magee collaborationJune Magee R.N. Festival Nurse

Co-authored by Ann McMan, Salem West, and Barrett, June Magee R.N. Festival Nurse has been called, “More silly fun than a barrel of schnauzers” by the hilariously funny Fay Jacobs.

When iconic media sensation June Magee, R.N. and her trusty boi photographer Roi Rodgers ride into Rehoboth Beach, Women’s FEST will never be the same!

In non-stop hilarity and mayhem, the dynamic duo battle trains, drag shows, a death-defying car ride—and their unexpected attraction to each other. And, just when they thought things couldn’t possibly get more complicated, a mysterious medical malady crops up and threatens to ruin the success of Women’s FEST.

Join this cast of zanies as they take CAMP Rehoboth by storm in the rollicking first June Magee, R.N. adventure, Festival Nurse.



The Forever Windsor Series

barrett flights of fancy forever windsor book 1

Flights of Fancy (The Forever Windsor Series, Book I)

In this sequel to Balefire . . . Silke enlists friends and both their families to surprise Kirin with her dream Christmas. To complicate things, Silke asks Kirin to marry her and now she had two events to plan while they’re back home in Milwaukee after three months in Belize. As Silke and Kirin juggle family, Christmas, and a wedding, one thing is certain . . . it’ll be a holiday season no one will ever forget.

Flights of Fancy is also available as an audiobook – click here to check it out!









The Damaged Series

barrett damaged in service book iDamaged in Service (The Damaged Series Book I)

Zeke Cabot is smart, tough, and one of the best Special Agents in the FBI’s Chicago Field Office. She’s also recovering from a traumatic head injury and months of being undercover on the mean streets of the Windy City. She takes an extended vacation in New Mexico to help her recover from her physical and emotional duress.

She meets Anne Reynolds, a home health nurse, who is recovering from a failed sham marriage. Surrounded by the breathtaking New Mexico landscape, they are pulled into the horror of a serial murder case that Zeke thought was closed. Zeke’s PTSD runs dark and deep and threatens to overwhelm their fledgling relationship. But every once in a while, two opposing energies can merge to create a stronger alloy—but the laws of physics, like love, can be fickle.




barrett defying gravity book iiDefying Gravity (The Damaged Series Book II)

Special Agent Zeke Cabot and Anne Reynolds are both excited and a little wary as they take steps to commit to their budding relationship. But like the unpredictable weather in the mountains of New Mexico, their path to happiness is anything but smooth.

Zeke continues to struggle against debilitating bouts of PTSD and flashbacks. Anne still copes with the lingering pain from her divorce and if she’s ready to take another chance on love, especially with a woman. A danger from a past case Zeke thought was closed threatens both their safety and the strength of their trust. But Zeke and Anne are determined to overcome their personal obstacles and learn to defy gravity enough to keep them grounded in love.




barrett dispatched with cause book iiiDispatched With Cause (The Damaged Series Book III)

Special Agent Zeke Cabot begins her new assignment in New Mexico and a confrontation with her dangerous nemeses triggers her barely concealed PTSD symptoms. Anne Reynolds reluctantly accepts a less stressful home healthcare office position as she settles into a life with Zeke, but it’s not easy living with someone whose job is filled with dangers that threaten to destroy their relationship.

Their serendipitous meeting and immediate attraction had been too good to be real, and now secrets and dangers make reality almost too much for them to bear. Now Zeke and Anne have to face their own demons and make tough choices for their love to prevail.




barrett deliver us from evil book iv

Forthcoming Summer 2015!

Deliver Us From Evil (The Damaged Series Book IV)

Five months into her new job at the Albuquerque Field office, Zeke is offered a plum assignment in Washington, DC, that will hopefully keep her out of harm’s way. When a close call triggers a panic attack that, if reported, could be devastating to her career, Zeke is surprised by a supportive ally who gives her a strong hand along with an ultimatum.

Waiting impatiently at home in New Mexico, Anne Reynolds struggles with her own demons following Zeke’s confrontation about Anne’s drinking. Anne’s problem could end their relationship. Zeke forgave one major screw-up but there couldn’t ever be a next time. Anne knew sobriety would be difficult enough with Zeke’s support, but without her?

Their love is strong, but the budding relationship is in the fourth quarter and the clock is ticking.



barrett windy city mistletoe damaged story 1Short Story from The Damaged Series – Available now!

Windy City Mistletoe (The Damaged Series)

This story takes place after the events in Barrett’s Damaged Series. Special Agent Zeke Cabot surprises Anne Reynolds with a much needed romantic Christmas trip to Chicago to celebrate Zeke’s progress in recovering from PTSD and to re-affirm their growing relationship.