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Warm, squishy, cuddly, puppies…mostly

Dalwhinnie Duchess of Dinkus~ Labrador extraordinaire,

Princess Poppy~ Border collie mix and whackadoodle.

With one shot of Sweetie the wandering stray who came to visit.

My family.

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  1. Best buds – bless their furry little canine hearts!!!!

  2. Barrett says:

    Thanks Baxter! I guess you’d know,judging by the amazing and wonderful piece to wrote for Kissed By Venus on Solitude. I loved it and so totally get what you’re saying! It was really a nice reminder to slow down.

  3. Nancy Nunes says:

    I love the pictures, just adorable. My poodle moves to another room as soon as the camera comes out.

  4. Bee Snow says:

    What a bunch of sweet things. 🙂

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