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Deliver Us From Evil (The Damaged Series: Book IV)

Five months into her new job at the Albuquerque Field office in New Mexico, Zeke is offered a plum assignment to protect the Secretary of Commerce . A close call while on duty triggers a panic attack, which, if reported to her superiors could end her career. The Secretary of Commerce gives Zeke an unexpected guiding hand and an ultimatum about getting the help she needs. She chooses equine therapy, despite her uncertainty toward Anne’s horses.

Anne Reynolds struggles with a growing frustration with her job and a fear that she may have inherited her late mother’s problem with drinking. Keeping her sobriety is difficult enough with Zeke’s support, but Zeke away on assignment and her stay at the equine therapy facility adds to the challenge.

Zeke and Anne are determined to overcome their personal obstacles and take the steps to find that common ground on which to build a life together.

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Praise for Barrett’s Books


Damaged in Service is a fantastic debut for Barrett. The main characters are well conceived and written, the romance is honest and believable, the bad guys manage to shock the reader, and the scenery is as beautiful and lyrical in print as it is in real life. The pacing flies when it needs to, surges when it’s called for, and soothes when the time is right. – Salem West


Defying Gravity is a very fine follow-up to a very fine first book. I can’t wait for the third installment.  – Anita Bradshaw


If you like your romances sweet and old-fashioned, Balefire is the book for you. – Baxter Clare Trautman


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