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Eternal Rest, Margaret.

On this date, October 22nd, for forty-four  years I pause to remember one of the greatest gifts in my Life. My Mom.

My brother and I lost one of the greatest examples of love and tolerance there ever was.  Whatever small amount of grace and compassion I possess, came directly from her.

She was a beautiful and talented woman who adored children, was quick to laugh, and loved her son and daughter unconditionally. She died too young and never knew how much my brother and I learned, appreciated, and tried to be like her.

I never knew how much I would regret not being able to tell her what she meant to me. And she never knew that I escaped my “misspent youth” to become a successful, productive member of society; that I would provide care and understanding to thousands in my career–that would make her proud; that I would create new dreams and live into them.

I hope you are proud of your legacy, Mom.

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  1. What a great tribute. I believe that somehow, somewhere our parents know just how we are. No matter how long they’re gone there is a connection. She knows what a wonderful woman she gave the world. May her soul rest in peace, Amen.

  2. Baxter says:

    Don’t worry. She knows what a terrific daughter she produced.

  3. Annie Waterman says:

    Very sweet, my friend!

  4. Beth says:

    I have no doubt your Mom knows what a wonderful, caring person you turned out to be….she’s been keeping her eye on you for quite some time. This is a loving tribute to an obviously special person.

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